Astoria VR: Reasonable Premium Virtual Reality Headset
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Astoria VR Astoria VR :- The VR (Virtual Reality) technology holds on the boundless potential to modify the future for a vast number of fields, from business, medicine, architecture to manufacturing goods. But in the past few years, it has put a great impact on the field of entertainment. Nowadays people are more interested in watching 3D videos, TV shows, and movies as well. Plus, a majority of individual loves to use VR gadgets when they are on the virtual tours of the zoo or national parks. Watching 3D virtual reality graphics is very entertaining and exciting thing. And these days everyone wishes to experience it at a low cost and most probably while sitting at home only.

Keeping this in mind, recently we found one compatible and amazing virtual device on the Internet that is permitting a huge number of individuals to experience it without any fuss. YES, this review would like to introduce you to Astoria VR, a virtual reality headset that promises to hand over you mind-blowing VR experience. If you are all set to escape the reality and enter into the exciting world of virtual reality then you must buy this reliable and pocket-friendly gadget. Here in this detailed and complete review, you will get to know everything about this gadget. So just read it till last so as to obtain all the relevant information.

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Want to be a part of the mind-blowing action as to experience a 360 degrees view? Looking for a VR gadget that fits into every single smartphone including HTC phones, iPhones, and Samsung also? And on your smartphone do you wish to experience 3D up to 108p? If YES, then rush to buy Astoria VR today only. It’s a new 3D headset that helps you enjoy the virtual reality world devoid any kind of fuss.

This device relies on your cell phone’s power and will help you to be entertained by your favorite video game, TV shows, and movies as well. It’s the number one VR headset on the market that permits you to explore virtual reality world while sitting at home only. Almost every phone can be easily converted into the eventual tour guide and window to an all-new world. In the ease of your room, this advanced device will let you have a good time watching YouTube videos, games, and movies as well. So, do not miss a chance to buy it.

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How to use? And how does it work?

Dissimilar to other useless VR headsets, you do not require any special or additional gear in order to utilize this device. The power lies in your smartphone itself, so no need of spending a fortune. With Astoria VR, there is NO need to setup anything, use any complicated programming, or use any other technology. With this easy-to-use and reliable device, you can simply experience the awe of VR technology. To use it, just select your favorite application or video you want to watch. And then snap your phone into this virtual reality headset and the enjoy loads.

The specifications!

Below we have quoted a few specifications of this mind-blowing virtual reality tool. Before you buy it we will advise you to go through them once so that you can have a complete idea about its amazing features.

  • For adjusting this device well, it contains a Focal Adjuster Knob of 20mm
  • For augmented actuality capacity, it has a powerful Magnetic Front Plate
  • To provide mind-blowing resolution, the manufacturers have used a Nano-Coating Lens that is actually durable and is available in 8-Layer
  • For fixing well on your head, this device incorporates a high tensile Headband
  • It even includes a Side Knob that you can completely adjust as per your need
  • Last, it has a Cushion in Ergonomic and Leather Foam

Go through the testimonials!

  • Kate E. shares “My husband loves watching 3D movies after returning from the office. But he was not having any 3D device from which he can enjoy watching his favorite movies. Then on his birthday I gifted him Astoria VR, a virtual reality device that helps you enjoy 3D movies, games, and other things. My husband was absolutely happy to use it.”
  • Fenian W. shares “My children loves playing 3D games with the help of new virtual reality tool known as Astoria VR. I and my children were able to enjoy thrilling games and watching movies with this new device. I even gifted it to my friends. All are happy to use it.”

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Is it true that I don’t have to setup not even a single thing when using this tool?

Absolutely, YES! This device is the newest advancement and technique in the ear of virtual reality. It fundamentally functions by making use of the processing power and capability of your cellphone or smartphone. And it functions amazingly with all type of smartphones, too. So, as said above, you do not require any sort of device, any technology or programming when using this VR appliance.

May I know about the offers?

YES, you can! Currently the makers of Astoria VR are granting a mind-blowing 80% off on this product. Plus, there are a few but limited offers that you can avail such as:

  • Purchase 1 headset for $59 only
  • Four gadgets for $169 (Each unit at a price of $42.25)
  • Ten VR devices for $350 (Each device for $35.00)
  • Fifteen VR gadgets for $525 (One device for $35.00)

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