Clevastin Review: Formula To Get Round And Lifted Breast
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Almost all women want to have large, firm and round breasts. For many, shaped breasts signify beauty and increases woman’s femininity. While few women are blessed with these assets, there are many women who are conscious and embarrassed about their small size busts.

A female’s body is always under some continuous change and evolution. During puberty, the breast begins to develop due to hormonal change in body. Progesterone and estrogen are the two hormones that plays a key role in breast development. Several factors play a role in the declination of these hormones.

Numerous breast enlargement options are available in the market ranging from gels, surgeries and hormonal injections. But not all of them are effective and safe. In fact, most of them are chemical based products and risky. If you want to go natural, here is a breast enhancing supplement that can give you desired results. Clevastin keeps bust tissue healthy and enhances breast size fast. Keep on reading to know more.


  • Thyroid

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Emotional problems like stress or anxiety

  • Poor fat content

  • Hormonal deficiency during puberty

  • Drugs and alcohol drinking

Working Of Clevastin

Clevastin is manufactured using natural breast enhancing ingredients. It reactivates your mammary glands to produce healthy breast tissue. This enhances the volume of fatty tissue leading to a more voluminous and shapely figure. Upon application, the gel penetrates deep into the outer layers of the breast and supports firmness. It combats with harmful toxins and inhibits the growth of cancerous cells. It uplifts the drooping skin and gives a lifted and round appearance to your breasts.

Ingredients And Their Respective Function

Phytoestrogens: It increases breast size by stimulating growth of breast tissue. It promotes a multiplied increase in fatty acids and thereby boosts the bust size.

Saw Palmetto: Saw Palmetto is another herb that naturally promotes breast enhancements This herb also helps to treat various breast disorder in females.

Wild Yarn Root: The Phyto-nutrients present in wild yarn strengthens the connective tissue of breasts and supports further development of fat content.

Fennel Seed Extract: It stimulates circulation in breasts to keep tissues healthy. It reduces the risk of breast cancer by removal the toxins from lymphatic system.

Vitamin E: It leverages antioxidant benefits to your breast skin. It is a natural conditioner that also has photo-protective facets thus shields skin from UV rays.

Dosage Instructions

Before using this supplement, read the instructions and other precautionary measures.


  • Carve a rounded and lifted breast shape

  • Lifts your drooping breast skin and makes it tighten

  • Augments bust size and helps in cleavage formation

  • Enhances the contour of the bust

  • Improves texture and tone of bust

Additional Tips To Boost Results

  • Engage yourself in breast exercises

  • Perform breast massage to naturally increase breast size

  • Eat healthy and nutritious to keep reproductive hormones in balance

  • Eat fruits like water melon, carrot, peaches and pomegranate

  • Take off the bra before going to bed

Things To Note Down

  • Store your product away from sunlight and moisture

  • If packaging seal is opened or missed, return it instantly

  • It is not effective to cure and prevent any health conditions

  • Results may vary individually

How To Buy?

You can buy this product from the brand’s official website. Click on icon given below and you will be redirected to related website. There you need to fill a registration form of your name and address and the product will be delivered within few working days.

Contact Details

Regarding any query dial a toll-free number 754-544-4454. Otherwise, email your query at [email protected].