Hair Care Was Never That Easy: 4 Expert Tips For Healthy Hair!
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Everyone wants tresses which look like they have been freshly preened, primped, and perfected by a top-notch salon professional on daily basis. Isn’t it true? But hectic schedule and money concerns come in the way. And even if they don’t, you would prefer to spend an extra fifteen minutes in your bed rather than waiting for your deep conditioner or a new home remedy suggested by your neighborhood aunt to work their magic or grappling with the tongs.

Hail the hair care experts who have pinned down 4 key hair rules to live by for healthier, heavier and more manageable hair.

1. Rethink The Way You Wash Your Hair

Remember that over-washing is worse than under-washing. Shampoos strip away the natural oils and proteins from your hair which are required to keep your scalp and hair healthy. So, limit hair washing to three times a week. If you are prone to greasy hair, dry shampoo is your new BFF.

2. Never Forget Protection

Your lovely mane can be damaged by sun as well as heated tools like tongs, straighteners, and trusted hairdryer. You should always use heat protector while drying your hair.

3. Become A Blow-Dry Pro

A decent blow-dry would last you at least a couple of days. A celebrity hair stylist Dan Sharp explains that styling can be done without a hot tool too! If you give yourself a fierce blowout on first working day of the week, then rock it out the next day too, and in mid-week, don a nice high ponytail. You should let your style stay for a few days as it promotes healthy hair.

4. Ace Your Brushing Technique

You don’t want a matted mess for a mane, so brushing is certainly needed. But you can’t do it mindlessly. Don’t tear through your locks without thinking. You should brush your hair twice a day and always brush from the bottom and work upwards as brushing from roots causes damage.


Take care of your hair by following these easy-to-follow techniques and say bye to bad hair days! Use one of the favorite hair growth product is foligro xt